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"The Mind is Everything. What You Think, You Become." - Buddha

Bobbi Luttjohann

Bobbi Luttjohann

For the majority of my life I have been athletic, mostly enjoying running. My first yoga class was in 2004 during a workplace health event. I hated it. I felt out of place and there was definitely nothing positive about the class. I vowed to never to do yoga again.

Ten years later, in the summer of 2014, my daughter took a class at Lava Yoga and she absolutely loved it. She asked if I wanted to go with her. I hesitated, but my other daughters and my husband thought I should give yoga another chance, so I did. That first class I took was amazing! Difficult and challenging, but amazing! I have never felt so welcomed, accomplished, and connected to a community as I did after that first class. That time I vowed to go back, many times, and I did.

I began to transition from running to weight lifting and found that yoga, especially in a heated room, was the key to reducing muscle soreness, increasing flexibility, and keeping me from sustaining serious injuries. I also found the mental and emotional release of yoga was imperative to staying sane with the everyday stresses that affect us all.

As I grew to love yoga, I began to look at training courses. As I sought out courses, I found there were yoga training paths to learn how to teach children the beautiful art of yoga. That was the moment I knew I wanted to teach yoga! I thought if I could get just one child to appreciate (and maybe even love) yoga, that would be a success!

In 2018 I completed my personal training certification and I am currently working on completing my 200 hour RYT certification training to teach yoga, with additional classes to focus on teaching children. Lava Yoga has given me the opportunity to work with children and be a part of a yoga community. I can’t think of anything more wonderful than that!