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Stay at home Mom - with an almost empty nest...yikes! Kids Chessa 18, Lukas 19.

Favorite Yoga Pose:

Standing bow pulling pose - it makes me feel strong!

What's your yoga story? How did you start/evolve in your practice?

I first tried yoga in February of 2014. I thought it was going to be so great for me and I was so excited to support my friend, Beth, in her new venture! However, I couldn’t do it. I was hurting too much from a back injury I suffered in 2012. Three back surgeries later - Yoga is my rehab! My last surgery was a fusion of two vertebrae in the lower spine. I couldn’t bend, twist or lift for 3 months after surgery, it was very hard! I was a competitive golfer before my back problems. I have been a competitive amateur golfer and was scared I wouldn’t be able to practice without pain in order to get back to a level where I could compete again. I am PROUD to say that LAVA helped me achieve the return to that activity level. I am even more excited that I hit the ball farther now than I did in my 20’s. I attribute my golfing gains to strength, balance and flexibility from my Yoga practice.

My back injury resulted in nerve damage to my left leg. From my hip to the sole of my foot I feel like my leg/foot are asleep and I need to shake them to wake them up! I would happily trade my left leg with someone else if only they attached like Barbie legs! This nerve damage makes it hard for me to trust my leg when balancing. I know that the balance work I do at LAVA has paid off. I still have nerve pain, but my leg works so much better! I have worked very hard to get to where I am today. I go to warm yoga 3 days a week and have recently started adding a class in if I am traveling somewhere. I am always happy to return to my favorite studio and am just SO grateful to Beth and Leigh for having the vision, courage and strength to start this studio in Topeka, KS of all places!

Best advice ever given?

It’s not all about YOU! (Thank you, Beth!!)

Favorite Yoga Moment:

When Leigh recently introduced a Mudra - this was an arm position in tree pose. It was one hand up and the other at the belly. It was symbolizing going forward without FEAR. I just know I was the one she was speaking to that day. I am grateful for this spiritual gesture.

Favorite guilty pleasure?

Bubble baths while watching NETFLIX - current addiction Gilmore Girls